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Perimeta Metal Planters

The Perimeta range of green structures and metal planters has been designed to address the growing demand for introducing greenery to the urban environment. Perimeta Greenwalls, living walls, Perimeta Mobiwall living partitions, and urban tree planting are all ways in which improved air quality, reduced heat emissions from buildings and effective screening of unsightly urban structures and developments can be achieved.

In addition, Perimeta products bring their own unique benefits to the marketplace. View our product range here to discover more.

Perimeta products have been carefully researched and developed to ensure that only the highest quality materials and components are used.

We recognise the importance of providing products that are easy to use and install and that they provide quality benefits to the environment and landscape that they become part of.

Stainless Steel Planters

Our range of stainless steel planters are constructed from high quality steel and can be moved with a fork lift making them very versatile for landscaping schemes.

Perimeta Green Structures and Planters is a brand of Kinley Systems, the company behind the market-leading brand of Exceledge landscape edging products. To discover more about Exceledge you can visit the website here or visit Kinley Systems to discover more about the exciting vision and challenges we have set ourselves in order to bring new and exciting ideas to the landscape and associated professions. Browse the Perimeta product range here including steel planters to discover how you can bring a new dimension to greening the urban environment or contact us to discuss your individual requirements.